Hello everyone! My name is Elena, I’m 22 years old and I’ve been a SERVAS Spain member for 7 years now (mom, correct me if I’m wrong. No, you are not). This year I got an ERASMUS scholarship in Copenhague. Because I’m interested in conscious travel, I travelled by bus all my way. I believe that the best way of travelling (for mind, body and earth) are those which allow you to realise the journey that you are taking. Furthermore, it leaves you time to experience things without the rush of modern life. Recently I was told by another member that this is now becoming a trend, but I don’t know the name (yet).



My first stop was Brussels. As I was scrolling down the Belgium list I came across this name: Rita. I remembered my first SERVAS meeting some years ago. She was there and she added me on Facebook. We didn’t keep in touch, however, every year since that meeting she would wish me a Happy Birthday. So I decided to contact her and meet for some days. The first photo we have together I had to steal it from Facebook, the second one is from last August in a castle near her house. It was super nice sharing with her some days and getting to feel her SERVAS passion. elena02


After that, I travelled around Germany visiting all kind of friends. Some of them I met through SERVAS. Others, I met in a bus and n0w they are thinking about joining SERVAS ⯑. In Hamburg, Wiebke, Dirk and Clara (some of my SERVAS friends) awaited. I had met them last winter and I visited them again. I am grateful to SERVAS because I have learnt the meaning of friendship across ages. elena03

Finally, I arrived to Copenhague. After some days, I contacted another SERVAS host who lived very close to my university campus and we went for a morning walk. Anne had been in the organisation for most of her life and she had a lot of interesting stories. She also helped me by showing me around the place I will have to live in the following months. elena04

After that I also visited Mona & Michael, a couple of family doctors who live in the north of the greater Copenhague area. There I had a nice weekend where we rode our bikes/horse, we read in the sun and shared some very nice meals. elena05


I can’t wait to live the new experiences that await me and I feel forever thankful to everyone who has and will share them with me. Love, peace and happiness,




Encuentro Ibérico 2016, Portugal-España

Una foto publicada por Servas Spain (@servas_esp) el

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