I am so excited to share that we are going to hold the

Turkey Antakya Live with us

7th Servas Live with Us Share with Us Children Programme (LUSUP)

in my village, Ekinci (3aydiy) in Antakya, Turkey.

Within this project we ask servas people to come and volunteer in the village. Volunteers teach kids-aged 7-14 anything they know such as peace, drama, children songs, languages, chess, pandomime, environmental issues, art, cooking, etc. We teach in a big garden, a house yard, love trees garden and streets. Everywhere is a classroom for us.

The main goal of this programme is to open new windows in the local children’s lives. Volunteers stay with local families and exchange experiences also with local people. Local people serve meals and their hospitality. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and ready to hug the volunteers.

The children and the parents are already asking for this event like every year and want to know who is coming this year. We planted seeds of Servas with children (70 kids with their parents) in 2009 and now asking you to come and water these seeds next July (6th-16th, 2015). Would you like to share your experience and knowledge with kids? Then come and live with us ...



Note: Within the programme, we organise workshops on peace, world citizenship, developing Servas idea, etc. for and with the volunteers. Deadline for application: June 1st, 2015.


Please do visit the links first to see the broad frame of the event. 

1. Facebook Link. Here you can see what we have done for 5 years. With photos and activities.

http://www.facebook.com/groups/95345139652/?fref=ts In case this link doesn’t work, please search on facebook as "Live with us share with us"

Info about Antakya (Antiochia)/Hatay:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antakya

2. Read the story of last wonderful experience (2014) with the kids, local people and volunteers.... Article published on Servas International Newsletter. 


Wish everyone inner peace to achieve peace out...

Mehmet Ates 

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Programme Coordinator



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