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Los cobertizos de Ekinci

La familia dEkinci


El aire que circula por los cobertizos de Ekinci es un bálsamo cuando el verano aprieta de lo lindo.

¿Ekinci? Es un vecindario de las afueras de la vieja Antioquía, actualmente capital de la provincia turca de Hatay (antiguo sultanado de Alexandreta).

En los cobertizos de las casas de Ekinci se reciben visitas; se lee; se duerme la siesta en una alfombra (no sé si es de las voladoras); los mocosos juegan; se curiosea; se tiende la ropa; se habla a distancia con la vecina; se come… En resumidas cuentas, la vida pasa sin que el calor estival te dé la lata a todas horas.

              Proposal for the International Meeting SERVAS Romania

Rumania 2015 2

An island of latin blood in a sea of slave peoples.

Little Paris. Bucharest.
Dracula? Transylvania.
22 million inhabitants.
24 Servas members. Well, things have undergone some changes lately, and we are happy to
announce that Servas Romania has added 12 more hosts in the past year. We would like to
celebrate with you and share with you one of the most beautiful areas in the country-right in its
We’re a very dynamic organization, we’re very eager to hear your stories and we invite you to share
them with us.
More than half our members are young families who wish to experience the International Servas
spirit. We have lots of friends who ‘d like to join Servas and then share their experiences . We would
like the Servas spirit and values to be embraced by as many people as possible.
Romania is a beautiful country with lots of traditions, a rich and varied culture and we would like
you to have a “taste” of all these things and then we are convinced you will return. Accidentally it is
also an area very rich in myths, so any myth buster can try his hand here.
We hereby invite you to our Servas meeting-party.

Dear Servas friends,

Nominations for elections to be held at the Servas International General Assembly in October 2015 will open on May 1st 2015.

If you are interested in coming forward, let us know. And please think about people you may wish to nominate.

There are lots of talented people in Servas who are waiting to be asked to come forward!

After May 1st a Nomination Form will be ready for you to fill in.

We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any questions about nominations, please ask us.


Dear friends in Malawi and around the world, malawi march

Here is the latest newsletter from Malawi. It tells you who the new national secretary of Servas Malawi after the AGM is and what we have been upto lately.

in peace,

I am so excited to share that we are going to hold the

Turkey Antakya Live with us

7th Servas Live with Us Share with Us Children Programme (LUSUP)

in my village, Ekinci (3aydiy) in Antakya, Turkey.

Within this project we ask servas people to come and volunteer in the village. Volunteers teach kids-aged 7-14 anything they know such as peace, drama, children songs, languages, chess, pandomime, environmental issues, art, cooking, etc. We teach in a big garden, a house yard, love trees garden and streets. Everywhere is a classroom for us.

The main goal of this programme is to open new windows in the local children’s lives. Volunteers stay with local families and exchange experiences also with local people. Local people serve meals and their hospitality. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and ready to hug the volunteers.

The children and the parents are already asking for this event like every year and want to know who is coming this year. We planted seeds of Servas with children (70 kids with their parents) in 2009 and now asking you to come and water these seeds next July (6th-16th, 2015). Would you like to share your experience and knowledge with kids? Then come and live with us ...


AA 2

Servas Malawi nos hace llegar su último boletín.

Conference theme: "Servas in Transition"SERVAS INTERNACIONAL

Invitation to SICOGA 2015. 30th Servas International Conference and General Assembly.

10- 16 October 2015. Totara Springs Conference Centre, New Zealand.


Dear Servas members worldwide,

The 30th Servas International (SI) Conference and General Assembly (GA), to be known as SICOGA 2015, will be a joint venture organized by Servas International Executive Committee (SI Exco) and Servas New Zealand with the support of the SICOGA 2015 Organising Team.

The conference will be held from 10th to 16th October 2015.

We shall be very happy to have you with us, sharing an enjoyable and challenging week of Servas work, together with social activities and the chance to meet old friends and new from around the world.



Encuentro Ibérico 2016, Portugal-España

Una foto publicada por Servas Spain (@servas_esp) el