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Newsletter — November/December 2014


SIGA 2015

Come Down UnDer to new ZealanD


reports from aroUnD the worlD & servas at the U.n.


DalesbriDge, tUrkey, kyrgyZstan, & argentina


4 travelers share their experienCes 


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Servas China celebra su conferencia anual, y nos invita a asistir los días 14, 15 y 16 de noviembre, 2014, en Liuzhou, Guangxi Province.

Liuzhou city is the melting pot place where Han Chinese and minority ethnic groups live peacefully with each other. Therefore we are lucky to have our conference venue locate in a residence village of Yao people (a minority ethnic group in Southwest China). You will enjoy the culture, food, people, and sight that are very different from the rest of China. (to read more, please go to: and to:

IndonesiaServas Indonesia will hold a national meeting in November 1&2,2014 in Ambarawa.
We officially and kindly invite you to participate in the meeting.
I enclosed the meeting agenda. Hope we get a positive answer from you and we look forward to having participants from Servas Spain.

Pulsa aquí para descargar el programa


Christmas2014withServasInIsrael2Christmas 2014 with Servas in Israel - 22-31 December 2014. Lets' host and tour Israel with Servas friends from all over the world.

Servas Israel hosts are invited to offer hosting Servas guests from all over the world, and to invite their Servas friends to attend Christmas 2014 in Israel.

We were asked to extend the end date of registration until end of September.

See details:



Encuentro Ibérico 2016, Portugal-España

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