Fomentamos la Paz y el Entendimiento a través del Viaje y la Hospitalidad

Je suis Charlie We - the members of the board of Servas International - deplore the violent and lethal attacks as those committed recently in Paris on innocent people and on freedom of expression. 

But the terrible actions should not make us lose perspective of our fundamental ideals. In the aftermath of such atrocities, there's a further need to encourage and enable the development of increased tolerance and mutual understanding between people around the world.

Servas, as an organization, will pursue its peace mission by facilitating the coming together of hosts and travellers of any race, creed, sexual orientation, class/caste or nationality.
We wish to express our solidarity and compassion to the victims and their loved ones, to our Servas friends in France, and to all the people in France.
Music for peace
While contemplating please take the opportunity to listen to this piece of music which is subtitled "A Mass for Peace".
The piece is called The Armed Man and is a mass composed by the Welsh composer Karl Jenkins. It was dedicated to victims of the Kosovo crisis. 
Here you can listen to the mass.

(Servas International Executive Committee)

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